The Distillery

Inside the Springfield Distillery
The distillery was completed in 2016.  The main distilled spirits plant is constructed using modern construction techniques to ensure compliance with health and safety, environmental controls and waste management. The tasting room is an old log cabin constructed in the early 1800s and moved to the property in 2015.

The distillery uses an American made 300 gallon Trident Still constructed in Etna, Maine.  Grain is sourced from local growers and the corn used for our traditional corn whiskey grows right across the road from the distillery.  On completion of the mashing process the spent mash is returned to the farm where the corn was grown and provides a tasty treat for the local cows.

Springfield Distillery is located on River Road, one of Virginia’s scenic byways, and the area is rich in history and agriculture.  Springfield Distillery’s log cabin tasting room with its wrap around porch is the perfect setting to relax and enjoy a hand crafted spirit.

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