How to Order from VA ABC

Scratch Whiskey Order Online
Ordering from VA ABC is easy!

Some of our products may not appear in the VA ABC online catalog or their online ordering system, but you can still order them from your local store.

  1. Grab the VA ABC sku number from our products online.
  2. Call or go into your local ABC store and ask to order Springfield Distillery Whiskey. Find your store info here.
  3. Give your name, phone number, ABC sku number, Whiskey name/flavor, and bottle size (usually 750ml) to the store rep.
  4. The store will give you a call when your whiskey is available for pickup. Usually in 1-2 weeks.
Here is a listing of our available whiskies from VA ABC with the product number

SCRATCH Corn Whiskey – VA ABC Sku: 027267

SCRATCH Honey Flavored Whiskey – VA ABC Sku: 953749

SCRATCH Brown Sugar Cinnamon – VA ABC Sku: 953893

SCRATCH Bourbon Whiskey – VA ABC Sku: 954009

SCRATCH Blackberry Flavored Whiskey – VA ABC Sku: 954134

SCRATCH Orange Flavored Whiskey – VA ABC Sku: 954135

SCRATCH Mint Whiskey – VA ABC Sku: 954209

SCRATCH 90 Proof Honey Whiskey – VA ABC Sku: 954369

Beaver King Rum – VA ABC Sku: 953951

Please feel free to let us know if you ever have any trouble ordering our whiskey! We are happy to help.

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